About Us

Consulting services for companies and in renewable energies

Holzner & Partner has been founded in 1986 by Dr. Walter Holzner (auditor & tax adviser). From the beginning of its activity and through the dedication to service for total client satisfaction the Office has grown and increased the service offering. Since 2002 the Office has started to focus on commercial management of energy-producing plants from renewable sources and increased the range of business fields.
Nowadays Holzner & Partner is able to offer to the clients the whole range of services from accountancy and tax declarations to the specific consulting regarding to allocation, investment,
financing, organisation, restructuring and other extraordinary operations (Merger & Acquisition,
LBO, split-off, contribution of assets, etc.).
Furthermore the Office is established in order to interact with the national and international clients, if requested or necessary, in three different languages (Italian, German, English).